Facts About Tom McCarthy

April 7th, 2013

Tom McCarthy is an artist and writer born 1969, and is living in London in a tower block. He was termed as a laureate disappointment of English fiction by Time Out in their September 2007 issue. Tom’s growing years were spent in south London’s Greenwich area, and his studies in English were tom mccarthycompleted in Oxford, New College. The early part of the 1990s, Tom McCarthy spent two years in Prague, and then was working for Time Out as their literary editor, living in Amsterdam. In the years that followed, Tom co-edited the Mute magazine and worked for British Television as well.

Tom McCarthy first novel was “Remainder”, and the first publication was through Metronome art Press based in Paris in November 2005. The novel went on to become a cult hit largely supported by literary press and British webzines, and also got the Book of the Year of 3:AM Magazine in 2005. In 2006, Alma Books UK, republished Remainder, and Vintage republished it in 2007 in US. The French version came out in 2007 through Hachette Litterature, and further publication was followed by Croatian, Spanish, Greek, Korean, and Japanese editions later.

In 2006 June, Granta Books released “Tintin and the Secret of Literature”, which is a literary criticism work. The same was also published in 2006 in France through Hachette Litterature, and in 2008, Soft Skull published the American Edition.

In 2007, the second novel of Tom McCarthy called Men in Space, was published by Alma Books. Later, Vintage published the American edition.

Apart from the novels, Tom McCarthy has published many articles, essays, and stories on art, philosophy, and literature through The Observer, and other publications and magazines. They were also published as anthologies through Jan van Eyck Press (The Milgram Experiment), Duke University Press (Theory and the Political), and Reaktion Books (London from Punk to Blair).

Tom McCarthy is currently involved in an ongoing project of avant-grade, semi-fictitious network called International Necronautical Society, which comes out through live events, denunciations, proclamations, and publications. United Magaizine has described it as a total comprehensive artwork that was not seen until now, and Art Monthly has said that it serves as a platform for excellent mobile thinkers. The INS in 2003 hacked the website of BBC and included in the source-code, certain propaganda. The next year, the society created in ICA, a unit for broadcasting, and over forty “agents” rendered continuous poem-codes that were aired on London’s FM radio and through the Internet, by world radio stations who collaborated with the broadcast.

Tom McCarthy is also known for lecturing and tutoring at different institutions that include Institute of Architecture in Southern California, Goldsmiths College, Royal College of Art, School of Art at Central Saint Martins, and the Architectural Association. Currently he teaches at London Consortium, a “Catastrophe” course jointly with Marko Daniel.

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What Is Unique About Younique Products

November 13th, 2014

Younique is a beauty brand offering a wide range of high quality beauty products or cosmetics for women. It aims at uplifting, empowering and validating women in order to boost their self-esteem and encourage inner as well as outer beauty. It is based on an MLM (Multi-level marketing) model and it allows women to join as a ‘Younique Presenter’ and sell Younique products to others to earn handsomely. Thus, not only does the brand beautify women but also gives them financial reward and the chance to build a career on selling Younique products to experience personal and professional growth.

While there are plenty of other beauty brands and companies based on MLM model around the world offering beauty products, what makes Younique so unique is the fact that it banks on science in order to develop high quality professional standard cosmetics. The brand uses science in order to help nature produce the best and most versatile beauty products. Thus, the products of this brand are compatible with virtually any type of skin! The beauty products offered by the brand come without junk or fillers and are healthy, clean and pure. The company draws its inspiration from Mother Nature herself!

There is a wide range of beauty products available. These are categorized into different categories such as eye products, lip products, face products, makeup tools, cosmetic collections and sets. Some of the top selling products of the brand would be the Lucrative Lip Gloss, the Touch Mineral Foundation, Glorious face & eye primer, Uplift eye serum, Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes (mascara), Touch powder foundation and of course makeup brushes. These products can be browsed online or through Younique brochures. Not only are they high quality products but they are also extremely affordable, which is why customers develop a liking for them very quickly.

The company is extremely confident about the fact that users will love Younique products, which is why it offers ‘The Love It’ guarantee. This guarantee policy has been crafted in order to help Younique customers buy the products without any worries. The company is extremely confident that its clients will be extremely satisfied with its products. However, in case they aren’t then they can return the products within fourteen days of delivery and no question would be asked! The products can be returned anytime till the 90th day after purchase but the terms and conditions will differ depending on the number of days elapsed since the Younique product was purchased. In any case, the return policy is very straightforward and hassle-free.

Organic Shampoo And Its Ingredients

June 20th, 2013

Organic products have exploded in the last few years in the market. At the local retailer, you will find organic or natural products everywhere. This is especially true in personal hygiene. Organic shampoo is a new term placed on an extremely old product.

People have been using organic shampoo for an extremely long time. It is interesting that people have begun to think of this as a specialty kind of product, given that it was all that was available for most of human history.

Some of the most common ingredients for organic shampoo are: coconut, rosemary, aloe vera, chamomile, wheat germ, lavender, thyme, and pomegranate.

Coconut is a widely versatile product that can be used for anything from shampoo to a soil substitute. The milk of the coconut is widely known to soften and hydrate hair. This is a highly desirable effect in shampoos, as many tend to dry hair out and lead to dandruff.

Aloe vera and rosemary both strengthen hair and bring to it nutrients which help in its growth. These products also assist in the cleaning aspect while helping to increase hair volume. These also moisturize, assisting in eliminating dandruff as well.

Chamomile and Lavender are known widely for their relaxing effects. For this reason, they are common in baby shampoos. They relax as well as strengthen hair. The smell given off by these ingredients relaxes as well. They are extremely good for the scalp as well, soothing and shining it.

Wheat germ, pomegranate, and thyme all assist in cleansing and revitalizing the hair as well. Thyme acts as a cleanser, removing pollutants from the hair and scalp. Pomegranate adds ingredients which strengthens and protects the hair and skin. Wheat germ assists in regenerating and adding shine to ones hair.

All of these ingredients are fantastic for the skin and hair, while being completely natural and organic. They assist us in developing good quality hair and scalps without being too large a drain on the environment. On top of this, many of these ingredients have been used for many generations to wonderful effect.

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