Organic Shampoo And Its Ingredients

Organic products have exploded in the last few years in the market. At the local retailer, you will find organic or natural products everywhere. This is especially true in personal hygiene. Organic shampoo is a new term placed on an extremely old product.

People have been using organic shampoo for an extremely long time. It is interesting that people have begun to think of this as a specialty kind of product, given that it was all that was available for most of human history.

Some of the most common ingredients for organic shampoo are: coconut, rosemary, aloe vera, chamomile, wheat germ, lavender, thyme, and pomegranate.

Coconut is a widely versatile product that can be used for anything from shampoo to a soil substitute. The milk of the coconut is widely known to soften and hydrate hair. This is a highly desirable effect in shampoos, as many tend to dry hair out and lead to dandruff.

Aloe vera and rosemary both strengthen hair and bring to it nutrients which help in its growth. These products also assist in the cleaning aspect while helping to increase hair volume. These also moisturize, assisting in eliminating dandruff as well.

Chamomile and Lavender are known widely for their relaxing effects. For this reason, they are common in baby shampoos. They relax as well as strengthen hair. The smell given off by these ingredients relaxes as well. They are extremely good for the scalp as well, soothing and shining it.

Wheat germ, pomegranate, and thyme all assist in cleansing and revitalizing the hair as well. Thyme acts as a cleanser, removing pollutants from the hair and scalp. Pomegranate adds ingredients which strengthens and protects the hair and skin. Wheat germ assists in regenerating and adding shine to ones hair.

All of these ingredients are fantastic for the skin and hair, while being completely natural and organic. They assist us in developing good quality hair and scalps without being too large a drain on the environment. On top of this, many of these ingredients have been used for many generations to wonderful effect.

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